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If you want your online presence to count, it has to be well-designed and effective. With all of the marketing that inundates your client’s daily life, yours must stand out.  It must be professional and purposeful in how it represents your company and the services you offer. Ensure that your website and marketing strategy accomplishes these goals or it will be lost in the mass of daily web exposure.

Buzz Presence Custom Responsive Web Design and Development Services

Need help maintaining your site?

What about changes? No problem. We are available whenever you decide to make changes to your site. Contact us and we will do all the work for you. Three maintenance tasks per month are included in your monthly fee.

What If You Already Have A Website?

If you already have a website you have only done part of the equation of making sure that your customers find you online. Your website might be a good place to send people if you are just trying to build general awareness, but it’s not where you’re going to have success with conversions.

A BuzzPresence web presence is meant to have one singular goal: To convert. That is it. BuzzPresence web pages do two things extremely well. The first thing is that our pages capture leads for further communication and to allow you to market to them in the future when they’re further down the sales funnel. The second thing is that they warm up your potential customers to get them ready and eager to purchase your product or service before sending them through to your main site to close the deal.

Our Custom Responsive
Web Design and Development Services

Our company hinges on a strong team and positive workspace. We will get your online presence right. We are professionals who use creativity and traditional business practices to get your business online fast.  We commit to assisting you in attaining a higher level of success than ever before.


We realize that for you, a website is another tool in your tool belt to gain business exposure and create new business opportunities. We respect that goal and aim to reach it at an affordable price.

SEO Optimized

All of our sites are Search Engine Optimization ready and enhanced to reach your target market. A website that doesn’t index correctly isn’t an effective website, and we do not build ineffective websites.

Powerful Visual Design

Your website is your digital first impression, and good first impressions help convert visitors to customers. That’s why we design every website to clearly and confidently appeal to your target audience.

After Sales Service

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Our support staff is in place to ensure customer retention and customer delight.

One-page websites are ideal for:

Doctor's Offices




insurance agents

How it works: 3 steps


Sign-up for your site.

Simply pay the Design-Development deposit to begin the process. With this we provide your domain name (www.yourwebsitename.com), your hosting, an SSL Certificate, and Anti-Virus / Anti Malware Security. Payment options include either Credit Card or PayPal.


Share Your Vision.

Complete the new client onboarding documentation sent to you through email. This document asks all of the important questions about your company. This information will be used to create your new website. You may provide your logo and content via email, or we can create them for an additional fee.


We start building.

After an initial consultation, BuzzPresence will get to work creating your ideal website. Our designers will build your website quickly by collecting your content and utilizing the resources you provided. The next step is approval. The design will be sent to you for review.  After you give the go-ahead, it goes live.

Our One-Page Websites Include:


Your company’s service offerings


Space for a company video


Email contact form for engagement


Your business' logo exhibited prominently


Your business' contact information


Frequently Asked Questions


Performs on computers, phones and tablets


Social media links

What makes our websites so special?

Buzz Presence web design and development services provider will ensure that you are getting the most out of your website. Thoughtfully designed websites turn visitors into loyal customers through an easy-to-use interface and convenient display of products and services. Keep the competitors away with an efficient website today!


There is no need for visitors to be experienced internet users when all they need to do is scroll.


One-page websites adapt seamlessly to mobile devices and offer a responsive interface, unchanged from desktop, to smartphone, to tablet.

Higher conversion

With less clicking and page navigation to manage, visitors are funneled straight to the message that you are presenting.

Easy to maintain

There is nothing more simple to maintain than a single-page website. Period.

BuzzPresence Small Business Website

Want to Stand Out from The Crowd?

Crafting an online presence requires more than just putting up a website and waiting for customers to roll in.

Your Customers Are Online

No matter what your product or service is, rest assured that the majority of your target clientele is on the internet. Everyone uses the internet in this digital era. From keeping up with family and friends to staying informed on news and current events, the internet is a mainstay of modern society. Even shopping on the web has become commonplace.

Enjoy the benefits of having a web presence:

By utilizing the newest available technologies, you can truly make your services come alive for clients. Help augment the mundane search for information with an engaging journey through your services all on one page.  A single page allows your visitors to find and retrieve the information they need in just a glance. It is all presented in one place, rather than scattered over several pages.

Cost Effective

You want the most streamlined and cost-effective way to establish an online presence.


You want a professional, well designed website without the complex and unorganized multiple pages.

SEO Ready

You want a website that it easy for search engines to find.



Great!  We’re ready to get to work for you today!

Choose the package that’s right for you and click “Create Your Presence Now!”

Next, we’ll gather insight about your business and your prospects that will empower us to write compelling content that will encourage your prospects say “Yes!” to your products and services.


$ 499 Design/Development Deposit
  • $99.00 Per Month
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Responds to mobile devices
  • We handle the hard work for you


$ 999 Design/Development Deposit
  • $99.00 Per Month
  • Everything in the QuickStart Package
  • Social Media Success Kit
  • Speakers Kit or One Sheeter
Best Value
Why Us?

In the simplest terms, BuzzPresence does what few other companies do.  We give your business, product or service a presence on the internet through the process of combining Web Development and Search Engine Optimization.  We do this by bundling the two most important aspects of online marketing and branding onto one package.  Web Development and Search Engine Optimization.  Furthermore, we provide this service for a price that is affordable.  The BuzzPresence Single Index Method is the proven methodology that will take your business or company to the next level.  

Our engineers have constructed hundreds of website and delight in curating a web presence to fit your exacting standards.

Many of our clients are pleased with our work and have given us positive feedback. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Building a website can be tricky and take months to complete. Let us do it for you in no time.

The designs we generate transition seamlessly for any device making your website always look polished and professional.

$199.00 to begin the process and $99.00 per month. That is all. No surprises.
Our designers work with you to ensure that the information needed to reach your target audience is included on your site. We help companies and individuals get online inexpensively by crafting a responsive mobile-ready website that gets the job done.

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